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Interior Logic E-mail Marketing

One of the best online marketing tools to stay in front of your customers is e-mail marketing.

Our flexible, dynamic and robust e-mail marketing tool for your B2B company that will help you easily communicate with your business customers. We will set up and execute an e-mail marketing program that simplifies your mailing list management, reduces the time necessary to blast and manage your program. We will create an easy-to-use e-mail template that keeps your branding consistent with the look your customers have already become accustomed to.

Our e-mail marketing platform provides real-time e-mail tracking. Within minutes of sending each e-mail campaign, you will see who opened your e-mail, which links generated the most interest and who clicked on each link. You will be able to use the information from your campaign reports to improve your performance on your next campaign, or, send e-mail follow-ups to customers who click on a particular topic or product link.


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