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Your communications are only effective if they position you well and use consistent key messages throughout all marketing channels and mediums. We have the ability to understand your B2B business objectives to create strong and powerful communications.

Our services include public relations, strategic counsel, media relations strategy and execution, communications strategy, executive communications, editorial support and corporate positioning.

Powerful communications will position your company to influence how employees, customers and investors perceive your organization. Getting your communication messages right is critical. Our corporate communications professionals will craft clear and concise messages.
We have long-established relationships with digital, print and broadcast business media; extensive experience in counseling CEOs and senior executives and success in conceptualizing and executing communications programs that will build customer relations, shareholder value and achieve your business objectives.

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Communications and Message Audit

Message AuditYour online and offline communications should always begin with a communications and message audit.

Your audit provides an analysis of your organization’s brand, marketing and communications effectiveness. It assesses a brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from your competition or marketplace.

It helps us identify and act on your brand growth opportunities, including those achieved by brand repositioning and brand extension.

The audit will result in our recommendations to improve your brand equity, brand positioning and messages, and marketing effectiveness.

Key Message Development

Key Message DevelopmentYour brand and corporate identity make up the platform from which your company is built upon and should start with your communications and message development.

We develop key messages that engage your customers, and over time will create loyalty to your company and its brand, your products or services.

Your communications and message development is critical to the engagement process that creates a bond between you and your customer – the emotional connection that can turn a customer from a one-time buyer to a repeat brand loyalist.

Our message development strategy will position you well with unique and powerful words that include your core messaging and supporting statements.

Content Development

Content DevelopmentOur writers – former reporters, editors and corporate communicators – are experts at content development for all mediums. We know that consistent content development and messaging throughout all your content and communications is critical.

Informative and fresh content must be the common thread throughout all of your communications, including Web content, sales and marketing materials, public relations, blogging and social media.

Crisis Management

Crisis ManagementCrisis management and plans help prepare your B2B companies to manage, be proactive and respond to major issues. We will identify potential flash points and develop remedial action plans.

We develop Q&A sheets that answer crisis concerns of your employees, customers, shareholders, investors, government, suppliers, the community, and the media. We will help protect your goodwill and expand your influence in the communities where your company has its headquarters, as well as any plants or other facilities. We will train your spokesperson to handle interview requests from print, broadcast and Internet media outlets.

We’ll develop a press kit with background on the company, issues that impact its industry, and news influencing its community at large.