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Social Media

Going ‘social,’ using social media for your B2B business through Facebook, Twitter and other sites is a strategic necessity.

A vibrant social community can enhance your customers’ and prospects’ relationship with your brand on social media channels, including social networks, content sharing sites, blogs and microblogs.

To do it well takes planning and a commitment to staying in touch with your audiences. We will help you develop your social media profile, a strategy based on your unique needs, create a powerful social media campaign by using social tools and platforms to increase your company’s presence and create a social community for your business.

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Social Media Profile Creation

A powerful brand and identity requires social media profile creation that is unique with a professional design theme for your social media sites that will help get you noticed.

We will create custom B2B branded backgrounds and icons with complementary font styles and color palette for your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel and more.

A unique design can make it easy for your customers to understand what you do and the quality and value of your business.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

For your social media efforts, you need to develop a social media marketing strategy to make the most out of your branding and marketing opportunities.

Comprehensive social media strategies include defining the frequency and use of social media marketing techniques to increase your visibility, collaboration and traffic across your brand.

We will custom-tailor your social media marketing strategy and plan to leverage social media for your B2B business. Our strategy will showcase your company’s values, mission and culture in addition to giving value to your products. We implement and manage your social media programs to inspire and create understanding and trust for your brand with your customers.

We will help you attract new prospects. You’ll appeal to Internet savvy viewers with a strong social media presence that includes photos, videos, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Social Media Management

A robust social media plan focuses on your social media management.

Our customer experience management will help you drive sales, improve personalization and conversion rates, and take your social media engagement to the next level. We will manage, or set up for you to manage, all the details of your social media program from profile execution to content postings.

We will build your social media channels, create informative content around your B2B customers to engage them and post your content.

Social Media Content Development

Our dedicated team of professional writers produces social media content development designed to appeal to your business customers and get their positive reaction.

Your content is King. Our social media content managers are storytellers, tribe builders and know how to connect to people and your customers in a real and genuine way. We’ll develop brand-specific content to post to your social media networks. Moving people to action doesn’t happen by accident. Your company’s content must be developed to tell your organization’s stories in the most meaningful ways possible. Move people to follow you, act and buy.

We will write content that encourages your B2B customers to keep coming back to your social media sites and encourages user-generated content.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is used to review social media conversations and to understand what is being said about your B2B company, its product and services on the Internet.

Our social media monitoring tools filter and monitor the conversations about your business. We offer a variety of services that include passive – listening to people to find out what interests them, or active – searching for references to your specific brand, campaign or action within your social media circles. Monitoring allows us to be proactive and help act on or change the conversation if needed. It’s very important to be in the know for reputation management of your company.

With our social media monitoring, we will give you a report that shows you what people are saying about your company and the next steps to manage your online collaboration.